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EmBEDded Holograms:

EmBEDded Holograms:
On the Multifaceted Nature of Cosmic & Social Intimacy

By Iona Miller, 6/2008

The interaction of our mind and consciousness with the quantum vacuum links us with other minds around us, as well as with the biosphere of the planet. It "opens" our mind to society, nature, and the universe. This openness has been known to mystics and sensitives, prophets and meta-physicians through the ages. But it has been denied by modern scientists and by those who took modern science to be the only way of comprehending reality.” -Ervin Laszlo

"Quantum Tantra" attempts to blaze a new pathway for science by incorporating previously discarded and marginal ways of thinking into a new synthesis. Two non-mechanistic, non-separatist traditions are of particular interest for this purpose: Western alchemy and Eastern tantra. Alchemy is based on the notion of a partially psychic chemistry in which the mind of the alchemist merges with the material cooking in his alembic. Tantra teaches that the universe is not mere motion of dead matter but the sexual play of two divine beings and seeks techniques to directly participate in that holy play. The goal of "Quantum Tantra:" is to initiate an entirely new direction of research by approaching quantum theory and its paradoxes as if they were incomplete fragments of a "successor science" based on tantric and alchemical principles.” –Nick Herbert

Fields Within Fields

Physicist Nick Herbert has suggested we approach our experience by embracing Nature with “Quantum Tantra” to enhance our direct perception of “undivided wholeness.” Nature is the Body of the Beloved with which we can unite consciously in an alchemical marriage. We can also literalize that to a greater or lesser extent in our relationships.

We participate in a kind of “cosmic physics” in our relationships when we embody active awareness of our deepest nature. Tantra is a creative syntaxic mode anchored in primal (prototaxic) trance. (Gowan) Polarity is the cosmic equivalent of the Yin and Yang of tantric dynamics.

We live in the ultra-intimate embrace of Physis – of Nature, which utterly conditions our own unique natures. Each and every nano-second we are incestuously wedded and bedded with and by Nature. We don’t know anything else but we rarely realize it consciously much less amplify it. We are the products of our environment and experience. Mathematician Chris King has characterized our existence as interpenetrating “sexual paradox.”

When Wolfgang Pauli collaborated with Jung, he encouraged us to find “a neutral, or unitarian language in which every concept we use is applicable as well to the unconscious as to matter, in order to overcome this wrong view that the unconscious psyche and matter are two things.” Psyche and soma are indissolubly wed in nature and our nature, and must be considered in an adequate account of reality.

However, now there is no consensus in physics, so all contemporary models [Transactional (quantum handshake), Many-Worlds (decoherence), M-Theory (strings), Copenhagen (wave-function collapse), Holographic (frequency domain; resolution), Implicate (hidden information), etc] are essentially philosophical, or colored by the psyche and philosophy of their originators. Imagination has to cross the boundaries of disciplines to somehow find links between the observable and unknowable. Both matter and psyche are in a constant state of redefinition.

Naked Awareness

The part is not only contained within the whole, the whole is contained in every part, only in lower resolution. The hidden cosmos comes into focus when our awareness is expanded by sensory deprivation such as meditation or by completely filling and exhausting our senses. The mystical effects of Tantra are the result of spiritual and sexual technologies which manipulate the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems of arousal in the psychosexual body.

Paradoxically, both meditation and arousal can lead to transcendence. The ergotrophic (sympathetic) nervous system is yang, so it energizes us, while the Yin (parasympathetic) trophotropic system tranquilizes us. Maxing out your system physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually with Tantra can lead through ego death to cosmic consciousness. (Miller, “Emotional Alchemy in Tantra”).

The Dirac Sea of Love

We’ve become accustomed to speculating on the nature of quantum mind, but we can drop down another domain to imagine an even more primordial awareness at Zero Point. This is the virtual still point of our recalibration – Cosmic Zero, everywhere now-here all the time forever, the well-spring of Creation.

The groundstate of nature is the heart of matter. Our nature is radiant scalar energy, the nonobservable yet roiling cosmic ocean of vacuum fluctuation, the disassembled roots of all being, the true primordial soup. The Heart Sutra claims that all form is nothing but Void and quantum physics agrees.

Our subatomic quantum nature guides and regulates our electromagnetic and chemical being, which influences our minds and emotions, forming a reciprocal feedback loop with all objects and living forms in our environment. In the right circumstances, we can respond to one another like resonating coupled oscillators. Our whole body flickers in and out of existence at an astounding rate, and each of those quantum re-creations is an opportunity to transform utterly.

If we drop down another whole domain of observation from the juicy “wetware” described by chemistry and atomic structure, we enter the subatomic realm of quantum physics. At this level the behavior of matter, both organic and inorganic, is governed not by classical notions of cause and effect or even complex dynamics, but by those of quantum probability.

“Something” appears to emerge from virtually “nothing” which physicists describe as a sea of infinite potential. They call it quantum foam, vacuum potential, or zero-point energy – we can call it the vacuum substructure. Subatomic particles wink in and out of existence on a continuous basis, like some subatomic froth. This “something” appears paradoxically in wave/particle form. This world is not transcendent to matter, but underlies it as a coherent unity, much like ecology underlies biology.

Light and Sound

In this dynamic model there are no “things”, just energetic events. Everything is one dynamic process. Light and sound (acoustic cymatics) modulate all matter. This “holoflux” includes the ultimately flowing nature of what is, and all possible forms.

All the objects of our world are three-dimensional images formed of standing and moving waves by electromagnetic and nuclear processes. This is the guiding matrix for self-assembly, and manipulating and organizing physical reality. It is how our DNA creates and projects our psychophysical structure.

DNA functions in a way that correlates with holographic projection. The code is transformed into physical matter guided by light and sound signals. DNA projects a blueprint for the organism that is translated from the electrodynamic to the molecular level. Further, research strongly suggests DNA functions as a biocomputer. This DNA-wave biocomputer reads and writes genetic code and forms holographic pre-images of biostructures. We are more fundamentally electromagnetic, rather than chemical beings.

DNA and the genome have been identified as active “laser-like” environments. Roughly speaking, DNA can be considered a liquid crystal gel-like state that acts on the incoming light in the manner of a solitonic lattice. A soliton is an ultra stable wave train that arises in the context of non-linear wave oscillation. Oscillations are set up when DNA acts as a rotary pendulum kindling other oscillations.

Chromosomes can transform their own genetic-sign laser radiations into broadband genetic-sign radio waves. This is the main information channel of DNA, the same for both photons and radio waves. Superposed coherent waves of different types in the cells interact to form diffraction patterns, first in the acoustic domain, then in the electromagnetic domain. The quantum hologram is the matrix of the translations between acoustical and optical holograms. The human biocomputer can be modeled through the marriage of quantum mechanical and complex dynamics.

Scalar energy has a direct effect on nerve cells and cell membranes. Scalar energy in the body can cause changes in brain states. Scalar energy can modulate the basic biochemical communication between nerve cells mediated by neurotransmitters. (Rein) Our brains mathematically construct ‘concrete’ reality by interpreting frequencies from another dimension. (Pribram) This pre-geometric information realm of meaningful, patterned primary reality transcends time and space.

Embedded Holograms

Holograms contain all the information needed to reconstruct a whole image. Holograms contain many dimensions of “compressed” information in a subtle network of interacting frequencies. Thus, shining a coherent light (reference beam) or laser through the fuzzy-looking overlapping waves of a 2-dimensional hologram can create a virtual image of a 3-dimensional figure.

The gist of the holographic paradigm is that there is a more fundamental reality. There is an invisible flux not comprised of parts, but an inseparable interconnectedness. The holographic paradigm is one of reciprocal enfolding and unfolding of patterns of information. All potential information about the universe is holographically encoded in the spectrum of frequency patterns constantly bombarding us.

Thus, the brain is an embedded hologram, interpreting a holographic universe. (Miller, Webb, Dickson, 1973) All existence consists of embedded holograms within holograms and their interrelatedness somehow gives rise to our existence and sensory images. (Bohm, 1980) When we consciously embody this intimate wisdom, our bodies become temples of the living spirit. We supercharge our potential.

Interference patterns of waves can be visualized interacting like ripples on a pond. At the quantum level they create matter and energy as we perceive them as lifelike 3-dimenional effects. Consciousness and matter share the same essence, differing by degrees of subtlety or density. There is a strong correlation between modulations of the brain’s EM field and consciousness (Persinger, 1987; McFadden, 2002). Our psychophysical being is embedded in the universe as a continuously evolving, interactively dynamic hologram.

Chaos Theory

New physics, chaos theory, synergetics, and information theory describe our existence as complex dynamical systems. Entropy can only occur in a system that is absolutely closed so no energy from outside can be fed into it. But the mindbody is an open system, which exchanges energy and information with its environment and can be negentropic.

We can also have a negentropic influence on one another (Gladwell), perturbing, enlarging, and creating new pathways and possibilities. Theoretically, behavior can ripple outward until a critical mass or "tipping point" is reached, changing the world. Gladwell's thesis that ideas, products, messages and behaviors "spread just like viruses do" is a metaphor akin to memes. Highly sociable or connective people often become revolutionary leaders, bringing others together with a new perspective, a broadened worldview. This is also the cultural role of shamans.

Do we live in a persistent delusion of separateness? Only that concept limits us from constantly realizing the depths of our primordial fusion. We are all nonlocally connecting and diverging in an ill-defined yet tangible way at the subatomic, individual, group and global level.

Psychic energy or libido is a psychosomatic phenomenon analogous to the paradoxical nature of energy/matter or wave/particle. The human body is not an object in space, but seamlessly welded to spacetime. We are not merely a phenomenal body of flesh, but one of awareness, of consciousness, a living interface of inner and outer field phenomena.

We all experience visceral or gut reactions and know instinctively how our mental states affect our physical vitality, and vice versa. But often we loose the intimate relationship with our mindbody, with the source of our being, our aliveness, our passions, our self-expression, essence and healthy self-image. If we experience this flow at all, it ebbs and flows away. Our individual and collective creative potential remains largely unrealized.

Soma Sophia - Body Wisdom

How often do we pay attention to those vital signs, the innate wisdom of the body, inhabiting our minds rather than our flesh? We are increasingly not instinctual, but cultural, and we choose many of our behaviors for good or ill. Most of us are, indeed, "sick and tired" of the way things are, but what do we do to change them and ourselves?

We can learn simple techniques for self-care and self-regulation, such as biofeedback, yoga, and meditation. Creativity, as an activity in several fields, brings many intrinsic health-promoting rewards. We can create new habits to help us cope with technocratic society that tone or recalibrate our systems and change our physical state. We all have to learn how to deal with personal and/or global catastrophe whether we want to or not.

This dance is a harmonic continuum from the smallest to the largest scales, permeating all domains of assembly and observation: subquantum, quantum, molecular, chemical, even cultural, global, and cosmological. The evolution of our dynamic system obeys universal laws. Likewise our behaviors flow into manifestation from our beliefs, thoughts and emotions, including our self-image, generated by our interaction with the environment from the womb forward.

By opening to system dynamics we can reorganize away from the entropic, reductionistic, destructive habit patterns that plague our species. We can make stress-reducing negentropic choices for structural and psychological adjustment, which improve our quality of life. Integration is a synergistic process rooted in primordial bodymind consciousness.

Field Body

The brain is not confined to our skull, but permeates our whole being through the intracellular matrix and sensory system, as well as the strong EM fields generated by the beating heart. Research suggests activities in the brain may be pre-conditioned by the DC field of the organism (Oschmann; Becker). Our molecular system extends beyond the nervous system and is the bedrock of intuitive, subconscious and unconscious processes.

Turning our attention deep within ourselves we find the Voice of the Silence speaking back. Our felt-sense is our wise intuitive response if we but listen. It brings meaning and value to life. What is your body trying to tell you? The body has a mind of its own and speaks that mind in gut reactions, body language, dreams, psychosomatics, and literal symptoms.

Both the alternative health fields and mindbody psychologies such as the humanistic, Jungian and transpersonal psychologies have sought the triple union of body, soul, and spirit much like the medieval alchemists. But only a fusion of those approaches can manifest the union of opposites in the golden flesh. We can learn to care for our mindbodies in new ways from the inside out, conceptually and experientially.

Creativity and Healing

We can return to Nature and our own nature, collectively preparing a paradigm shift for a new shared reality and trajectory that integrates physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual coherence. The silent frictionless flow of living intelligence is beyond words and conceptual constructs.

We are a process of recursive self-generation. The groundstate is our creative Source, directly discoverable in the immediacy of the emergent embodied moment. We are continuously in the deep embrace of the physical universe. It not only interpenetrates but is the very fabric of our being.

The healing response includes behavioral, mental and spiritual shifts or transformations. Health is the natural outcome of a meaningful life, not just absence of symptoms. It means a connection with and comprehension of the complexities of life that is deeper than the conventional worldview of cause and effect. Many researchers view consciousness as the foundation of reality. We do not exist independently from the Universe; we are fused with it. But the exact nature of that seamless connection is unknown.

Chris King on Sexual Paradox

The core idea of sexual paradox is an extension of complexity theory to deal with the paradox that arises when a division occurs into two domains of order that can neither resolve their outcomes fully by cooperation, nor by conflict. Complexity theory suggests they will achieve optimal complexity in a state of instability in strategic paradox between the two regimes. This is a different form of complexity theory from 'edge of chaos' ideas but is very well established in evolutionary game theory and is manifest both in the prisoners' dilemma game matrix (p 13) and the cusp catastrophe (p 14), when neither conflict nor cooperation can be resolved determinately - hence the paradox.

We have two key ways of diverting ourselves from the depths of sexual paradox. On the one hand we cling to an identification with a monadic cosmic 'self', or godhead - an all-encompassing singular identity, providing sanctuary from the uncertainty of the abyss, in a fatherly or motherly creator deity. At another extreme, we seek to dispel all such myths, in a purely physical description of ourselves, as biological machines in a material world, where selfishness and expedience are as real and enticing as any notions of ethics, or altruism. However, mind and body cannot be so easily separated. Our actual relationship with the universe, and with existential reality, is a paradox of complementarity, which is sexual in its very essence.

We can see manifestations of sexual paradox in all the ultimate complementarities. At the core is the dyad of subjectively conscious mind and an objectively physical organism, sometimes projected into dualities of body and soul, earth and heaven, nature and the divine. From the point of view of objective science, only our brain states are verifiable phenomena, and our subjective experience seems to be merely an internal model of reality constructed by our chemical brains. But our conscious experience is the only direct veridical 'data' we have access to. All our knowledge of the physical world comes via our subjective experience, so it appears to have an existential status complementary to the physical universe. This dilemma is also a key to our capacity to take responsibility for our actions, rather than passing them on to a creator deity or a selfish gene. It is this principle of autonomous choice on which law and personal accountability are founded. Despite the ephemeral nature of mind, the root complementation between subjective experience and objective reality implies that our consciousness is also, in some sense, a founding cosmic aspect.

The patriarchal paradigm perceives conscious mind (p 138) as 'indivisible'- above mere particulate matter, which it assigns to an inferior feminine world of mortal 'slime', typified by the menstrual taboo, Maya or illusion (p 386), Eve's earthly sin (p 298), and Wisdom of Proverbs (p 296) - diminished to mere real-world common sense by comparison with the higher realms - in a frank sex reversal between 'particulate' sperm and an 'engulfing' egg.

Fundamental to the quantum world of physics we have wave-particle complementarity, which is also the source of quantum uncertainty (p 64). In the dynamical world we have the complementation of order and chaos (p 81), whose mutual interaction has recently been discovered to be key to generating climax complexity (p 89). This is reflected again in thermodynamics, where the equilibrium condition we associate with the inexorable growth of entropy, or disorder, to a maximum does not have to occur in open thermodynamic systems, which exchange energy or material with their environment.

Only then do we come to the conventional evolutionary manifestations of biological sexuality and engendering, with which we are familiar, in our conventional notions of sex as reproduction, and its symmetry-breaking into masculine and feminine genders (p 111). With the advent of the symmetry-breaking into egg and sperm, we see again a shadow of wave and particle aspects in a huge enveloping ovum and it's lightning membranous wave of excitation, selecting one from a multiple, essentially particulate collection of DNA-bearing sperm.

Although each of these complementarities differ fundamentally in their basis, all share key features of sexual paradox. Summarized, these are as follows:

  1. Sexual Division: Nature, cosmology, biogenesis, evolution, reproduction, consciousness and existential reality all present as dichotomies, rather than mechanisms composed of clearly defined parts, atoms or elements.
  2. Symmetry-Breaking: The divided aspects are asymmetric, or qualitatively distinct.
  3. Complementarity: The aspects are mutually complementary. Neither can be eliminated from the process, resulting in a double-bind of mutual interdependence.
  4. Paradox: Any description based on only one aspect of such a complementarity results in incompleteness, logical paradox, contradiction, conflict, or death.
  5. Only then do we come to the additional features we traditionally associate with biological sex, (5) genetic recombination, (6) fertilization, and (7) sexual reproduction. The result is a sexual prisoners’ dilemma (8), from which permanent escape in an outright win is generally impossible, and the best strategy available is co-evolution in strategic paradox (9).

Sexual Paradox


The theme of symmetry-broken complementarity in Sexual Paradox goes deeper and gives expression to an intrinsic paradoxical complementarity that runs from the Tantra and Tao of body and mind, through the act of love and the varieties of sexuality interveaving all forms of life, down to the wave-particle complementarity and symmetry-breaking of fundamental forces of the cosmological universe.

Sexual paradox is at the core of all descriptions of reality, lurking in the quantum realm and in the relationship between body and mind as much as in our hormone-steeped bodies and rising pulses. It presents the idea of sexual paradox, not just as an inscrutable icon for the vagaries of sexual intrigue, but a cosmic principle spanning the widest realms, from physics, through biology to our social futures.

A paradox is "a statement, doctrine or expression seemingly absurd or contrary to common notions or to what would naturally be believed, but in fact really true". Thus paradox may be counter-intuitive, but is yet a root truth which remains integral to our condition. By contrast with paradox, a contradiction is to specifically 'speak against'. The contradiction often implied by paradox is implicitly sexually co-antagonistic in that it arises from a logical division between two conditions, true and false, each of which denies the other. But paradox can come in more subtle forms than contradiction. For example the wave and particle aspects of the quantum are not contrary, so much as interdependent. A quantum can manifest only as a wave, or a particle, but not both at the same time. However any attempt to mount a description based on one aspect implicitly involves the other. --Chris King

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